Choreo Confero

Consider choreography…..


Choreography and professional dance practices produce complex and layered narratives -, especially in multicultural and multiracial environments. I am particularly interested in theatrical dances and professional practices which draw on dance forms and aesthetics from Africa and the Diaspora. I love social dancing. When it comes to writing, however, my focus is on dance that is produced for staging and presentation. I am intrigued by the stories told by ‘Dance’ in this context – not only through its performance and aesthetics, but through how it is taught, how it is made, why it is made, who makes it, who performs it, and where. The challenge is trying to tell these stories in short posts, snapshots and quotes. I have given myself the task of learning to do this because so much happens then disappears. I work in dance as a practitioner and researcher so, in a sense, I am capturing snippets of what I am involved in and see happening around me. Performances, meetings, events, dance classes, workshops, can make such an impact on us and at the same time be so ephemeral.

I hope some of what you find here interests you. ‘Funmi Adewole is my name. Thanks for visiting.

P.S: This is a personal blog. Any views expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of any other individual or organisation.