Dramaturgy Testimonials

I work with mainly but not exclusively with dance artists who draw on African and Diaspora dance forms to create theatrical performances.  I focus on supporting their creative research and decision-making.  My research includes theorising the context for forms of theatrical dance that draws on the social forms, every day life and transnational exchange.

In November 2019 I took part, via Skype, in a roundtable discussion on ‘Africana dramatrugies’ organised by Margit Edwards, an academic at the City University of New York. Please follow this link to a recording of the lifestream:


Testimonials from artists.

“… your ability to come into a strong team with relationships already formed and be a part of it and not a ‘energy’ coming in to take over/dictate is a valuable skill. You paid attention to the schedule and worked within the time allocated and knew when to move on from one area to another. Whilst signing off each scene with a review and potential to do list for later sessions. I was empowered by you to make the production I wanted to make and felt a genuine respect for my role as Creative Director and Choreographer. “

Vicki Igbokwe

Production: The Head wrap diaries work-in-progress (2015)

Uchenna Dance, Creative Director & Choreographer

2:1 was created by myself and collaborator Emma Dennis –Edwards who is the writer. 2:1 is a Physical theatre production fusing contemporary movement with text. It uses real stories to depict the journey of young people grappling an increasingly difficult jobs market, it explores modern day representations of power inequalities between the sexes in society.

We wanted to work with a dramaturg after feedback from our R&D where it was suggested to develop and tighten the script along with refining the connection of the text and dance in regards to storytelling. Working with Funmi on the script and structural elements of the production has been wonderful. She has an in-depth knowledge of new writing, classical writing structures but also has a grounding in dance having trained and worked as a performer across both disciplines. She has questioned and challenged us to think about why we made certain creative decisions defining the climaxs in the work and making sure that the characters voice and intention is constantly articulated whether through movement or text. I have learnt new skills and tools in directing and structuring a piece of dance theatre. 

Rachael Nanyonjo, 

Production: 2:1 (2015)

Artistic Director & Choreographer of Kansaze Dance Theatre


I am a playwright working with Kansaze Dance Theatre on a physical theatre production called 2:1. After feedback from the original Research and Development I was keen to work with a Dramaturg and begin redrafts.

Funmi’s dramaturgical advice was exactly what I needed to redraft my script 2:1. As a theatre playwright working within Physical Theatre and Dance I found Funmi’s understanding of both mediums was invaluable. I would recommend Funmi to practitioners writing for performance working across different genres of the performance. Funmi’s clear understanding of play structure and dramatic technique I have found to be very encouraging and I hope to work with her again in the near future.

Emma Dennis-Edwards, 

Playwright, Production:2:1 (2015)

Performances: Rich Mix, Camden People’s Theatre and Charles Cryer Theatre.

‘Funmi Adewole allowed me to stretch my creative ideas and feed my curiosity. She supported me in challenging my work, pushing my research practice and experimentation further whilst respecting my ideas, in order for my work to be authentic. She is a reliable collaborator with a great eye, an open mind, superb articulation and a clear focus on the work. A pleasure to work with!

Alesandra Seutin/Vocab Dance Company

Germaine Acogny Technique Practioner 2013, ADAD Trailblazer Fellow 2010www.vocabdance.co.uk

‘Working with Funmi has been truly eye-opening and nurturing.  What always amazed me was her clear understanding of what my challenges were.  Giving both food for thought and clear tools to move forward…’

Cindy Claes

Choreographer, Dance Artist, Director, Playwright

ADAD Trailblazer 2013-2014

Movement direction

This is to thank you formally for taking the time to design and facilitate dance and movement workshops in support of our project; ‘Who Can Tell?’, a collaborative total theatre piece.

We appreciate very much, the insight you brought to bear on the work and your contributions to how we created some of the stage pictures and movement that later came to characterise the finished work. The piece was performed in Northampton and Wellingborough and was well received by the public. We hope to request your contribution in the future when we return to the second phase of the project.

Dr Jumai Ewu and Dr Victor Ukaegbu,

University of Northampton, 2009.