PACE Dramaturgy Lab (2019)

I had the good fortune to be invited to design and co-facilitate a one week dramaturgy lab in South Africa in 2019 with professional choreographers and theatre directors. The project ended with me giving a keynote address for PIAD – the Programme of Innovation in Arts Development at the University of the Free State. Below is a short description of the project:

PACE+ 2019

Continuing Conversations. PACE+ is a unique platform held in the interim years between the Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE), to help artists reflect on and further develop their work showcased at PACE.

The focus of the lab:

The lab is an interdisciplinary and collaborative space. The lab will not focus on any one art form. It will rather provide an opportunity for artists to interrogate their way of working, find new artistic processes for making work, and consider new ways of positioning their work in society. The aim is to give artists the space to find ways of continuing and developing careers as artists and cultural practitioners. The artists will leave with some goals and some ideas of how they will implement what they discover.

Discussion: The lab being a safe space: roles of facilitators, participant, our shared values

Aim of lab:

  • To try out new ideas , methods and activities to discover what effect they might have on how you perform and create performances
  • To find ways of performing and making performances that communicate pre-determine idea, a clear intention.