Restfulness (2016)

Restfulness is a solo promenade piece which I first performed as part of the ‘Precarious Assembly’ which was basically a one-day take-over the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester by several female performers, appearing at different times and in different places around the space, curated by Dani Abulhawa, Hannah Buckley, Sara Spies and Amy Voris. It was one of the best experiences I have had as a performer, though quite tough. I played a semi-homeless woman, Deborah who moved amongst the visitors to the gallery, performing her memories. I got the best compliment I have ever had as performer. The security called the curators saying “there is a woman wondering around the gallery. Is she homeless or is she art?” Precarious Assembly was part of the Accumulations project, funded by the Arts Council of England. Here’s a link to the Accumulations projects website: